Sonderkommission GTN

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The idea

Berlin, August 2011: People commemorate the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall at various occasions. Not only had the Wall divided the city into East and West for 28 years, it also divided families, couples and friends. Hundreds of people had been killed at or because of the Wall. Still today there is disagreement upon their exact number. At the same time, the memory of this »building of death« is already fading.

Berlin has completely changed after the Wall came down. Being a native West Berliner, people more and more often say to me: Right, you’ve still witnessed that time. It seems to me as if it was ages ago…

That’s how the idea to this comic was born. By creating it, I want to try to process my own memories of the city surrounded by a wall and the time of German reunification, thus awakening understanding for that time among all those who only got to know Berlin after the Wall had come down.

The historic background

»Sonderkommission GTN - The weakest go to the walls« is a crime story set during the last years of the separation of Germany. Although the main part of the working time is dedicated to researching background information, this is not a scientific work. The plot is merely fictitious. Mistakes in displaying the circumstances at the time may occur as this project is neither commercially orientated nor is it officially funded.

However, I am glad about every hint or comment which helps me to avoid future mistakes. You can find my e-mail address in the left column.